Medicine Bear

The Medicine Bear Program is a service open to all Native American youth entering any one of our core treatment programs at Southern Peaks. It serves the needs of our American Indian youth, both urban and reservation based, through culturally relevant treatment services.

Youth admitted in the Medicine Bear Program are integrated into our regular clinical and educational programming while they receive the specialized Medicine Bear services through teaching and learning methods that include lectures, group discussions, guest speakers, off-campus trips, experiential learning, and one-on-one dialogue.

Our mission is to guide each child in his or her effort to become a strong, healthy bi-cultural Native youth who will walk in balance with all of creation. Our treatment philosophy is culturally based on the Medicine Wheel, a powerful teaching tool and a way of understanding ourselves and our place in the world. Blending this with cognitive behavioral therapy provides our youth with a strong healing environment.

The Medicine Bear Program provides structure, close monitoring, and a supportive family like environment that is designed to assist Native youth in the development of strong cultural identity, positive attitudes, coping skills, knowledge, and behaviors necessary to recover from trauma, behavioral problems and chemical dependency.

At Southern Peaks, we provide a unique therapeutic healing environment rich in American Indian worldview. The Medicine Bear Program espouses the belief that children are sacred; given to us from the Creator as blessings and gifts. We must use wisdom and guidance from the Creator in all of our decisions and actions as we care for and help the children heal from their trauma and pain.