The Phoenix Academy

Southern Peaks provides year-round, on-site educational services through the Phoenix Academy, our Colorado Department of Education approved non-public facility school. The Phoenix Academy offers:

  • A strong blend of core academic courses, elective classes, and vocational programs through our approved standards-based curriculum.
  • Remedial classes for students significantly behind in grade level.
  • The Odysseyware® credit recovery program for students who have fallen behind in academic credits.
  • PowerSchool web-based student information system.
  • Interface with home school districts for curriculum compliance and transfer of credits upon discharge.
  • Opportunity to earn a Phoenix Academy high school diploma.
  • GED preparation and testing.
  • Opportunities for advanced students to participate in college coursework and off-campus business internships.

All youth attending our Phoenix Academy receive assessment based instruction developed to meet their individual needs and predicated on Colorado Department of Education standards. Students participate in core content courses in math, science, social studies, and English. Additional classes are offered as electives such as career skills, health, physical education, life skills, reading and study skills. Vocational programming is offered in woodshop, small engine repair, welding, and electrical training.

Southern Peaks employs highly qualified teachers, all certified in the subject areas they teach. Phoenix Academy class sizes are small, averaging 10 students to 1 teacher. Every classroom is additionally equipped with at least one paraprofessional or educational support staff to assist each teacher and aid instruction.

Through our approved special education services, the Phoenix Academy is able to serve emotionally and learning disabled children and meet the mandates for each student who has an Individualized Education Plan. Classrooms are based on the inclusion model and maintain a blend of Special Education and regular education students in each classroom. Our small class sizes allow for more effective teacher-to-student interaction.

Credit recovery and remedial classes are available for students who have fallen significantly behind in academic credits or grade level. The Phoenix Academy averages a 2+ grade level increase in the youth’s math and reading ability after six months.

For students who plan to graduate, the Phoenix Academy issues credit toward a high school diploma. We interface with home districts to ensure we have provided all the required coursework of that district so the home district may grant a diploma. We are authorized to grant a diploma to any qualifying student from Colorado, as well as out of state youth contingent on their home state’s approval.

For our advanced students, a variety of off-campus internship opportunities are available through local businesses. Students placed in internship programs gain experience in various arenas while our school staff helps guide them to an appropriate career choice. Our students also have opportunities to work on community projects by providing maintenance to homeless shelters, the local zoo, state fairgrounds, and many other volunteer service locations.

The Phoenix Academy at Southern Peaks offers an extensive variety of learning environments that are suited to individual student needs and are able to address behavioral, emotional, and mental health issues while retaining a strong focus on academic achievement.